Jerry T. Wu
Board Member of JLT Capital Ltd., Banker, Investor

Jerry Wu is a Chinese American who grew up in San Diego, California. Having first visited China as an intern of the United Nations in 1984, Jerry spent the next 20 years in the field of financial services and direct investments.

After becoming the Finance Director for the Hsieh Feng Group of Taiwan, Jerry went to graduate school with an ensuing career at the investment bank of Morgan Stanley in NYC. Having served as the Senior Vice President at Lehman Brothers and ING Barings, Jerry left Wallstreet with glory.
Jerry has been running his own private equity investment company since 1997. As Managing Partner of JLT Capital, Jerry has been serving either as Investor, Advisor or Director of the following companies:, KGI Asia, Cybermart,, 3Plus Logistics, Great wall Holdings and Lester Technologies. In addition, Jerry is currently an Independent Board Member of CellStar Communications (Asia).

As member of “The Commanderie de Bordeaux”, and having lived in Europe and South America, Jerry boasts decent wine collections from old and new world (as long as of equitable “VALUE” and suited for the right occasions). In his spare time, he enjoys music, dancing, swimming and golf.
Jerry has recently moved to Shanghai and looking forward to becoming better acclimatized to the city where his father graduated and left (Fudan 48), and a BRAND NEW society, which he first visited 20 years ago.

Educational Background
1980-1984 UCLA Bachelor of Politics and Economy

Working Experience
1997-Current Board Member of JLT Capital Limited
1994-1997 Vice President of Lehman Brothers
1990-1994 ING Barings ING Barings
1987-1990 Partner of Morgan Stanley NYC Branch

Major Achievements
• Mr. Wu started his career with managing one of the largest fishing and refrigerated shipping fleet (Reefer Carriers) in Pan-Asia, and remains as one of the Board of Directors for the Hsieh Feng Group.
• Apart from advising for the Hsieh Feng Group with the financial and operational transactions of over 45 vessels, Mr. Wu worked closely with the logistic providers across the entire supply chain.
• Mr. Wu received an offer and joined the investment bank of Morgan Stanley in New York; eventually served as Senior Vice President at Lehman Brothers before leaving Wallstreet.
• Mr. Wu was major investor and director to the following companies:, KGI Asia, Cymbermart, 3Plust Logistics, Great Wall Holdings and


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